Dane County - Kristi Chlebowski

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210 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

Madison 53703

Telephone: 608-266-4141 

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Kristi has been Dane County Register of Deeds since 2007.

She served on the E-recording council and received a certificate of appreciation from Governor 10/9/2013.

Kristi obtained a certificate of Professional Development from the WRDA in 2016.

Kristi is chair of the Dane County Land Information Council.

In addition to being Register of Deeds, Kristi is involved with outreach group locally and International missions trips.

Dane County has land records back scanned to 1800’s.  All documents are available online.

We are continually back indexing the documents back to 1800’s not yet completed.

See our website at:

About the Register of  Deeds Office