Washburn County - Renee Bell

Renee Bell was elected into office January, 2017.  Prior to election, Renee was acting Register of Deeds in 2016, deputy Register of Deeds since 1995.  She has worked for Washburn County since 1985 working for the Real Property Lister, as deputy County Clerk, and Accounting Assistant.  She serves on the Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association Board, Chair of the WRDA Program and Conference Committee, member of the WRDA Vital Records Advisory Committee and District Chair.  She is also a member of the Washburn County Land Council Committee.

Office Address

10 - 4th Avenue, PO Box 607,
Shell Lake, WI 54871

Office hours:  8:00 AM – 4:30 PM 
Telephone: 715-468-4616

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About the Register of  Deeds Office

The Register of Deeds Office consists of Renee, who is the Registrar and one deputy, Mickee Latz.   We are pleased to offer the latest in technology for your information and convenience and take pride in recording all real estate documents in a timely manner.   Our office strives to continue modernization and efficiency as well as preservation of our records.  Since taking office, Renee has modernized the office by having all real estate records dating back to 1883 scanned and available on-line by visiting LandShark.  All tract books are scanned and available by visiting ColorTract.  New roller shelving units were installed in the office for preservation of all historical real estate records.  We are pleased to offer the latest technology for your information and convenience.